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To need a REALTOR or not?

It’s a given that home buyers increasingly start the search for their home on the Internet.

Recently our company's President, Lane Hornung, had an interview with John Rebchook of InsideRealEstateNews.com about this phenomenon.

There are so many resources for home buyers to browse the homes available without ever stepping into a REALTOR's office. But is that sufficient? Can a home buyer research everything they need to make their real estate decision by the information that is available?

Interest rates versus prices

Lane Hornung, co-founder and CEO of 8z Real Estate and COhomefinder.com recently spoke with John Rebchook, the writer of Inside Real Estate news about interest rates and home prices. For those who are looking to buy a home, whatever the motivation, but are hesitating to make that purchase, this is the insight for you. If you're a move up buyer with equity in your home, but feel that perfect home may still dip a bit in price, here's some further insight as well for timing your home purchase.

Are Denver home prices heading for a double dip?

The news is out. As reported by John Rebchook last week, the state recession is over and a double dip in prices in Denver is unlikely. Yet the “double-dip” is likely to affect other home markets in other metropolitan cities. Mark Snead, Vice Pres and Economist for the Fed Reserve Bank of Kansas City-Denver branch, said the recession is over during the 18th annual Colorado’s Economic Forecast Breakfast hosted by Vectra Bank .

Snead had said that the housing and construction markets still hold back the Colorado economy and the nation.

A year full of celebration in Martin Acres

If you live in Martin Acres of South Boulder Colorado, you best be marking your 2011 calendars to be sure that you don't miss anything! Each season Martin Acres has some sort of seasonal tradition to gather and enjoy time with neighbors.


Eggstravaganza – It's an annual Easter Egg hunt for the little ones completed with colorful plastic eggs with treats and goodies.


The Five Reasons Residents choose Highlands in Denver

This once transitional neighborhood has quickly become one of the most highly desired hot spots in town—and with many good reasons. It's the Highlands in Denver - and here are the reasons why they settled in Highlands.

Angela Moss and Crest View in Boulder

The Neighborhood: Crest View

Crest View is the urban homesteading neighborhood in Boulder. Urban homesteading as defined by 8z president is a place with big enough lots – typically quarter of an acre to a full acre in Crest View – where a large home can be constructed, and there is enough land for a swing set for your kids in the backyard. What really distinguishes Crest View from other areas of Boulder is the size of the lots.

David Lorraine and Martin Acres in Boulder

The Neighborhood: Martin Acres

Ryan Carter and Highland in Denver

The Place: Highland, located in Northwest Denver

Highland has an eclectic mix of housing, ranging from Victorians, Denver Squares and new, often more energy efficient homes with two-car garages, finished basements, and sometimes killer views of Denver’s skyline or the mountains.

8Z Real Estate broker Ryan Carter believes housing in northwest Denver will provide to be both financially and emotionally rewarding.

Meet the Neighborhood Expert

If you have ever bought or sold a home then you probably know how important it is to have a local expert assisting you in your home purchase or sale.

If you are buying a home a local expert
-Can compare the properties you are interested with comparable properties that sold within the last six months or year
-Can focus your search around the schools or local amenities that are important to your family
-Can help you avoid properties that are in less desirable locations or condition that would deter appreciation or resale

If you are selling a home a local expert

Are you underwater in your Colorado home?

A recent report as well as article from John Rebchook's Inside Real Estate News reported that 1 of 5 homeowners in Colorado are underwater. Almost one out of every five home owners in Colorado owes more on their mortgage than their house is worth, according to a national report by CoreLogic, a real estate data firm. The report shows that 19.6 percent of the homes in Colorado with a mortgage have negative equity. In total, more than 221,000 homes in Colorado are underwater, according to the firm. Overall, that ranks Colorado as No. 13 in the nation. In Nevada, 66.5 percent of the homes with mortgages are underwater. The Colorado housing market, however, is better than the national average of 22.6 percent of the homes being underwater.


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